One of the best things about Fall weather? The ability to turn on the oven without turning the apartment into a sweltering inferno. This month, one of my dear friends is planning an Autumn picnic and I know exactly what to bake for the occasion…

Chilli topped with cornbread in a jar. IN A JARRR. Carrying that much glass might get a bit heavy so I’m making a smaller version and substituting with vegetarian chilli. Don’t think I’m gonna leave out that butter & honey topping either.  I’m convinced that everything tastes better out of a jar with a ribbon tied around it.

Wanna know how to make it? Get the recipe at Giver’s Log and for you meat-eaters, feast your eyes on her “BBQ In a jar” as well.

Wipe that bit of drool off the corner of your mouth will ya. You’re embarrassing me.