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At this year’s Halloween party, our spread will include these fun little tombstone cupcakes and some of them will have tiny zombie hands breaking through the ground! I couldn’t wait to assemble a cupcake and see how these would turn out. The scale between the tombstone and the hand is a little wonky but nobody cares about that, right? RIGHT? Okay, okay, I’ll stop being a psycho perfectionist :P

If you’d like to acquire any of the supplies pictured above, here is a list of sites that carry them:

• Printable tombstone toppers: Courtesy of Chickabug (FREE)

• Black sugar sprinkles for the “dirt”: Amazon $4.00

• Zombie hand toppers: Sweetestelle via Etsy $3.50

• Iron gate cupcake wrappers: Amazon $5.00

Special thanks to Heather of Chickabug for making those free, printable tombstones available – they were just what I needed!

What kind of sinful sweets and deadly treats are you making this year?