S’up, kids. July 4th has come and gone. Summer heat is raging on but retailers are slowly starting to phase out Summer merch in exchange for Autumnal/Halloween merch. I don’t mind because, as some of you may know, Halloween prep is well underway in my neck of the woods. I feel it is my duty to get you all in the mood as well, so let’s talk about a couple of fun, spooky things, shall we?

The Lady ParaNorma is a short film that actually came out in 2011, flying way under the radar with only a limited number of showings at a few film festivals. The only taste we’ve gotten are the handful of teasers on youtube.  It’s beautifully animated and it happens to be narrated by none other than Peter Murphy. He also lends his voice to the project’s score, providing a vocal soundscape that is described as “a beautiful, monstrous, sonic ribbon”. Click here to view a short clip of his raw vocals being cut in the editing room. Definitely chill-inducing (and how lucky is that editor?!?) For now, my search for a full length version of this film continues…

And then there’s ParaNorman. A full length feature film, due out on August 17, 2012, about a boy who has the ability to communicate with the dead but really it’s a zombie movie for kids. I personally love a good dose of kid-friendly horror. It’s from the directors of Coraline so you’ll recognize the same stop-motion animation techniques, which are pretty amazing.

One of the most interesting things about ParaNorman is the viral marketing campaign: “For the release of ParaNorman, some amazing artists have created a set of limited edition posters. The posters are up on walls all across the US, and they’re waiting for you to find them. If you do spot one in the wild, take a picture of it and tag it #WEIRDWINS.”

Posters are stacked on top of each other with removable sticky dots so you can just pull your copy away from the stack.

I must say, this “take-home art” approach is pretty genius, especially since the artwork is so frame-worthy and, well, who doesn’t love a good treasure hunt?? Below are a couple of my favorite versions:

So great. This reminds of the severely underrated Monster House. Did any of you see that? If you haven’t, YA SHOULD. It’s a good way to whet your appetite until ParaNorman comes out.  ;)


P.S. If you’re ever wondered how stop motion characters are constructed, check out this fun time-lapse video of Norman being “born”.