How is it possible that January is already gone? Really, though. Ugh. Anyway, here’s the latest…

My b/f and I have been plotting and scheming with the lovely and talented Anji Bee (vocalist for Lovespirals) who is coming out with solo material and we’re collaborating with her on a sexy music video. That’ll be super fun to shoot and edit! Can I tell you how nerve wracking is it to turn in a music video treatment? Luckily she’s into it and is already brainstorming with us on how to make it even more saucy. Waaaay EXCITED for this!

January was all about getting the kitchen remodeled. By “remodel” I mean taking down the  70’s wallpaper. As some of you know, the stuff was even on the ceilings (see image below). MAAAAJOR PROJECT. D took down some old wood paneling in the eat-in kitchen nook, only to reveal holes in the wall, glue…basically, it’s a hot mess in there. This is a pic of the pendant lamp in the nook that’s coming down very soon. We already have a replacement fixture waiting. Anybody want this one???

Yeah. Didn’t think so.

This is how it looks in there right now:

OH THE HUMANITY. Check out deez holes along the side door (sorry bout the sideways pic).

The next few weekends will be all about making major progress in here. This is the fixture that will be replacing the old one. SUCH an improvement. More timeless, but still complimentary to the house’s mid-century bones.

As for the walls, they’re getting a nice coat of white primer until we figure out what color we want to go with. Choosing knobs for the cabinets has proven to be an unexpected challenge but that’s a whooooole nother story. Expect pictures once it’s all done :)