It’s been such a mild Winter, my body is totally confused. I’ve been in the mood to BBQ, go to the beach and drink cucumber mint lemonade out on the patio. I’m not the only one who’s confused, though. Our plants think it’s spring and they’re starting to show it. The Camellia bush has a handful of flowers and hundreds of buds that will be blooming very soon. SO pretty!

So, back to that cucumber mint lemonade because I know your mouth puckered when I mentioned it the first time. I had this concoction the other day at a restaurant and loved it so much, I came straight home and started looking up recipes online. Ultimately I decided I would just play around with some mint, a neglected, slightly over-ripe cucumber way in the back of the veggie drawer and some Crystal Light lemonade mix. The results were DAMN DELISH! Recipe below:


2 quarts of prepared lemonade

1/2 medium cucumber – Mine may have been more potent in flavor because of how ripe it was, so just add more if it’s not “cucumbery” enough for your liking.

A fist-full of mint – excuse my lack of precise measurement here.

1/2 cup water

Make your pitcher of Lemonade and set aside. Peel the skin off the cucumber and tear the mint leaves off the stems. Place the cucumber, mint and 1/2 cup of water in a blender and puree the ingredients. Pour the puree through a metal sieve, making sure you press down on that pulp because there’s a lot of liquid gold hiding in there. Pour the strained cucumber/mint liquid into your lemonade, mix and serve. Garnish with more fresh mint and add vodka if you’re nasty.

ENJOY REFRESHING TIMES and gaze upon the tiny fragments of mint floating around in your glass while thinking to yourself, “Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.”