It’s a new year and things are slowly getting back to normal after a crazy holiday season. In fact, it was so crazy I didn’t get to hand-make a single xmas gift like I wanted to. FOR SHAME.

The holidays were spent hosting lots of family, drinking lots of egg nog and consuming lots of xmas cookies. Oh and in the middle of all that my sister introduced me to a little show called Portlandia – OBSESSED.

Wrapped up the year by going to see Tori Amos perform at the beautiful Orpheum theater in downtown L.A.  I was in a magical trance but was able to break out of it for a moment to capture the clip below. Tori paying homage to Kate Bush. How perfect is that?

Tori Amos from Cravelist on Vimeo.

This year will be all about self-improvement, home improvement and expanding my video editing reel with exciting new projects. A music video, perhaps???

Happy 2012!