Just wanted to bring you a little holiday shimmer and share my current make-up obsessions with my fellow painted ladies (of the night). First up…

Love her or hate her, Kat Von D’s Adora lipstick is THE SHIZZ. Honestly, i’ve never gotten more compliments on a red lipstick than I have with this one. The color is a little hard to describe or even capture on camera. It’s as if red and gold fell into a vat of hot lava…MAGMA, if you will. Say it with me, “MAAAGMAAAA”. It feels like a matte lipstick so it won’t bleed and even after it comes off, it leaves a nice lip stain behind. If you have thin lips, it makes them appear a bit more plump because of the reflectives in it. Here is the truest image I could find online (I believe those are Miss VonD’s lips):

GO TO SEPHORA AND GET IT. Moving on to nails…

If you follow nail trends, you’ve noticed the chunky glitter action that’s been going around. I don’t normally go for glitter but since I’ve been obsessed with gold all year, I decided to give this one a try. It’s called Only Gold For Me  by OPI for Sephora and it looks amazing over pretty much any color but my favorite so far is black. It catches the light like crazy and I haven’t been able to stop staring at my nails since I put it on. Currently wearing it over a dark grey polish *staring at my nails one more time*

Photo by: VampyVarnish.com

This post was in no way sponsored by Sephora. I wish.

Happy Harlotdays!