Yep, we’re 1 week away from Thanksgiving and I am JUST NOW blogging about our Halloween party. Basically, everything turned out awesome, our guests were great and the costumes pretty much ruled.  At one point in the night I had to stop running around like a crazed hostess and just take it all in. T’was a lovely sight! I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

A few of the costumes:

•The black swan and her white opposite

•Hellboy (who was amazingly a girl)

•David Bowie’s Labyrinth character

•Giant robot detective

•A barrel of monkeys (who made the most hilarious entrance when they ape-walked their way into the party linked arm to arm)

•Teen Wolf

•The plug and socket (my personal favorite when it comes to funny costumes)

•Creepy dead babies

In case you’re wondering who won the costume contest, Teen Wolf got 1st place and Hell Boy got 2nd (both pictured above, 5 rows from the top)

Hope your Halloween was awesome!