Coupla days ago I posted this pic from last Halloween as my FB profile pic and got a bunch of messages asking me for instructions. While I do enjoy playing with make-up and I watch lots of tutorials online, I’m no pro, so I’m going to let my favorite make-up geek show you how it’s REALLY done. The lovely Marlena of posted this awesome tutorial that pretty much follows the steps I took, and then¬†some!

If you’re on a budget, you can substitute her products with the following:

Black eyeshadow – I used this on the majority of the eyes and on the lips. Just mix the shadow with a little bit of water (they call this “foiling”) to create a paint-like consistency and brush it on.

Black liquid eyeliner – Used this for the petals around the eyes and all of the other fine details. Anything with a felt tip will give you the best control. I used ELF, available at Target.

White “clown” make-up in a tube – This stuff is gross and they sell it everywhere during Halloween but it’s affordable and no matter which kind you buy, when mixed with a foundation, it’s excellent. I’ve found that Revlon’s Color Stay has the best staying power so just grab the lightest shade on the shelf.

Setting powder – This is an absolute MUST. It can be any translucent face powder, baby powder, corn starch, etc. as long as it’s white.

If you’d like to try my half version and don’t have a steady hand, you can use Marlena’s paper trick to get that straight line down the middle of your face.

Have fun with it!