Since the fireplace mantle has become the focal point of our living room, we decided to put a pop of color here. We were actually planning to paint the wall in that same shade of Chartreuse (hence the paint chip on the wall) but we couldn’t decide if we were ready to commit to an entire wall in that color. Instead, we did the next best thing. Behold, our latest DIY creation.

An homage to the chicken coop.  Derek did most of the work on this. I just came around every so often and touched-up some spots that needed it. Filled the fireplace  with white, pillar candles and added few other accessories to finish it off. For the time being, it’s definitely less boring than how it looked when we moved in.

Future enhancements: That copper surround will be replaced for a silver one and as you can see in that before pic, the mantle doesn’t come out very far from the wall so we plan to extend it so it can provide a bigger surface for seasonal decor and whatnot. Oh, and the brick will be painted white to give it a more minimalist feel.

•Log holder: Ikea

•Mod fireplace tools: Rose Bowl Flea Market

•Topiary pots: Homegoods

•Canvas, paint, etc. : Michael’s