Old meets new: We’re slowly adding modern touches to the chicken coop and my favorite update so far is the new set of house numbers that have replaced an old, flowery chunk of tile with painted-on numbers. I love how these new ones are set away from the wall, just enough to cast a small shadow.


Taxes: Done and done. Taxslayer.com has been my prep site of choice for a few years. Love them.


Vinylmation: I am totally obsessed with their vinyl figures. They feed into my kid robot addiction with a hint of Disney goodness. They’re “blind items” which means you buy the box without knowing which figure is inside. I love the surprise element. SUCH a kid.


Beautification: We’re having a housewarming party this weekend so we’ve been scrambling to pretty-up the joint as much as possible. Above is a pic of my bew painting a giant canvas that will reside on our fireplace mantle. The design is a Chartreuse silhouette of a rooster weathervane much like the one that graces the top of the coop. Having fun embracing the chickeny flavor of our home.

I’ll post pics of the finished artwork once it’s done ;)

P.S. All photos were taken with the Hipstamatic app – I’m convinced it makes everything look rad and fartsy.