Well, we’re all moved into our little slice of suburbia! Everybody knows that moving sucks and this was no exception. Took 6 days of sore backs and exhaustion, but it’s finally done. *PHEW*

About the house:

• Mid-century, Ranch Style, single family home

• 4 bedrooms, 2  1/2 bathrooms

• Built in 1950, designed by the same architects who designed  Beverly Hills’ Trousdale Estates – The exclusive enclave of single-story, modern houses that evokes the prototypical image of SoCal’s “good life”—cocktails by the pool while Sinatra (who lived there for a time) plays in the background. It’s a beautiful encapsulation of a moment in time.

While our house is not as luxurious as the Trousdale Estates, it is most definitely a time capsule.  All of the bells & whistles still work because the house has been well taken care of, but it is in need of some serious updating, looks-wise. We’re trying to preserve as much of the cool mid-century styling as we possibly can but there is soooo much 1960’s wallpaper, linoleum and wood paneling, it’s hard to choose a starting point. We think the original wood floors are lurking beneath the carpet, begging to be exposed, so I can’t wait to see that! First thing on the agenda is tackling the maze of boxes that are sitting all over the house. LOTS OF PURGING TO DO.

For now, a few images for ya:

The house has been lovingly nick-named "the chicken coop"


Possible exterior colors. Still deciding...

The view from inside our home office. I have nick-named the house across the street "the velveeta house" (for obvious reasons).

Meet Charlie. He lives in the Velveeta house and runs this hood. He likes to come hang out in our yard and occasionally, he sneaks into our house. I am TOTES in love with him.

My boyfriend unknowingly fulfilled a long-time craving of mine by purchasing a tasty pair of eiffel chairs for the house. <3