Year-end posts are always such a pain in the butt. How does one sum up a year of events, trials, tribulations, victories and whatnot? You simply can’t.

Everyone seems to be complaining about what a turd 2010 was, and yes, there were hardships, deaths, a whole month of walking in crutches and all kinds of other hurdles that now seem like a distant memory to me. On the flip side, so many great things took place in 2010 and I am just filled with gratitude.

Instead of partying, I spent new year’s eve packing boxes, getting ready for the big move to our new house! Talk about ending the year with a bang. I shall eventually bore you with before/after pics of the place as we transform it into the pad of our dreams.

I end this post with a few snap shots from December:

The X-mas mantle

Dream forecast <3
My dream forecast come true <3

Road tripping with my dear parents

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, all decked-out

Gingerbread lemon pancakes
Gingerbread Lemon pancakes with poached pears O_O

Ok, so 2010 did start out being a complete jerk and then it totally redeemed itself. Either way, I’m just happy I was here to live through it.

Happy 2011 to all of YOU.