I’ve been seeing these beautiful, Halloween centerpiece arrangements in magazines for years and have always wanted to buy one but they all range from $75 – $300 (yikes). I liked the arrangement shown above, but wanted it to be contained in something that resembled an old, cast-iron, garden urn so I did some DIY’ing.

What I used:

1 Plastic urn planter: $6 @ most hardware store garden centers

1 Bag of moss: $3 @ Micheal’s

1 Small sheet of black construction paper (for the bats – you can use this template) : @ Michael’s $0.20 cents.

1 Can of Krylon Fusion spray paint in matte black (made especially for plastic) : $5 @ most hardware stores

1 Flocked, velvety ribbon: $0.99 @ the dollar store

Bunch of branches – FREE (I used fake branches that we had left-over from a previous project, otherwise I would have used real ones)

Bunch of rocks to stabilize the arrangement – FREE

Total cost was about $15.00.

All you do is paint and assemble! Aaaaaaaaand here’s the finished product:

I hung my bats upside-down because it just felt right. I’m really happy with how this turned out and it will look pimpin on the table o’ treats. The best part about making this? You get to walk in the woods to harvest rocks and branches on a crisp, Autumn day.

You know you want to.