Halloween preparations are in full swing around these parts. While searching for new decor ideas, I saw this set of metal place card holders at HomeGoods ($6.99!) They have a grown-up, TrueBlood feel to them and at that price, how could I not grab them?

When it comes to Halloween, aside from the big picture, I’m all about the little details too. I will most likely use these to label different types of candy apples on the dessert table…BUT..I couldn’t just put a plain ol’ card between those sharp & pointys. I decided to embellish each card with some blood drippings that I acquired from a very unlikely source ; Martha Stewart.

Yep, Martha has jumped on the vampire bandwagon. Who can blame her? As she says, “It’s a good thing.”  These adhesive drippings are part of Mrs. Stewart’s 2010 Halloween collection (click link to see more of her line).

This is just a warm-up before the REAL Halloween crafting begins! Ahh, Autumn. You inspire me so.