I kissed Summer goodbye with a visit to Oakland. Here are a few snapshots:

I love capturing sneaky candids of my sister and niece playing. Too bad my cam didn’t pick-up the works of art they were drawing with some neat, washable, window markers.

My sleeping companion was none other than Niko Sue (aka “The Pig”) She’d climb into bed with me during the wee hours and do this adorable snorting sound while scooting into spooning position in front of me. LOVE.

Had breakfast at this little place called Aunt Mary’s Café, I ordered the Huevos Benedictos – Eggs Benedict with a major twist. Corn cakes topped with poached eggs, black mole sauce and instead of ham, they serve it up with chorizo (or soyrizo, in my case). I mean COME ON.

My sister’s veggie garden is bumpin. I could easily dedicate an entire post to the numerous goodies she’s growing. Most visually impressive were these bright pink beans with purple spots!

I always manage to fall into a hole in the ground while visiting my sister, so I jokingly claimed the cause to be “The Bay Area Curse”. I may have jinxed myself because the curse reared its ugly head, resulting in a sprained foot. Nothing worse than ending up in crutches while vacationing. *sad trombone*

I’d like to take a moment to thank my sis for waiting on me hand & foot during the rest of my visit and for doing it with a smile. Love ya <3