This is awesome.

This amazing wheel stores energy that you generate while pedaling or braking, so you can snag an extra boost when you need it to power up an incline. Best of all, you control the wheel with your smart phone. It’s a bit steep at $600 but a pretty sweet upgrade for people who use their bikes to commute.

I’m still broken-hearted about my bike being stolen earlier this month. Somebody took a pair of bolt-cutters to the cable lock and now some stranger is enjoying that deluxe bike seat I bought for it. How dare they *ding-ding* my bike bell!


I was SO looking forward to riding my bike during the Fall, rolling through piles of crunchy, dry leaves and feeling the cool autumnal breeze filled with the smells of my favorite season. My next ride will have a Kryptonite “Fahgettaboudit” lock on it, that’s for damn sure.