Confession: I have never-ever  purchased designer sunglasses. Every pair I’ve owned was from a mall kiosk, urban outfitters, a swapmeet or some other cheap-O source – and for a good reason. This month I managed to break 2 pairs of sunglasses. Let’s take a moment to mourn. R.I.P. D&G knock-offs and Giant hipster sunglasses that covered 90% of my face. *sniffle*

If I could choose any pair to help me recover from this heinous tragedy, it would be these dripping beauties.

Created by fashion designer Ann-Sofie, they retail at $285.  They would go PERFECTLY with my melty “Coco is dead” necklace. Match made in heaven.

At that price, it’s probably a good thing that they’ve been on back-order for what seems like an eternity. I wonder if anybody makes a knock-off?

I have no shame.