Wow, has it really been 8 days since my last post? For shame! Last week I celebrated a birthday and I stopped by Sephora to pick-up my free birthday gift box. While inside the store, I saw those adorable, new, Tokidoki make-up brushes. Ugh, so CUTE.
I fought temptation and moved toward the cash registers – had to stick to my FREE merch mission…UNTIL I spotted those “Chic Prints” nail appliqués (made by Minx for Sephora). You may have seen Lady Gaga’s Minx manicure in that awesome chrome finish. A real Minx manicure will cost you a pretty penny so I opted for the DIY version. Here’s what they look like after I put them on:

So far I’ve had them on for two days and they look great. Let’s see if they survive this weekend. Tomorrow I will be Vegas-bound with the gang. Slot machines, cocktails, poolside lounging (if we can handle the heat), buffets and the Liberace Museum. Nails, don’t fail me now.

Viva Las Vegas!

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