Photo by: my friend Monica!

Summer is here! June seems to have flown right by. Let’s re-cap:

-Attended my  brother’s wedding last weekend (which was lovely, by the way)

-I registered for… *gulp* …school. Starts in 2 weeks.

-Enjoyed the first few, delicious episodes of Trueblood’s 3rd season – good stuff, as usual *nerd alert*

-Finally tried the infamous grilled cheese truck. MEH.

Photo by: Agent D

-Got acquainted with my shiny, new iPhone4 – love it!

-Went to the annual Santa Monica fireworks show for the first time

Photo by: Agent D

-Generally just got my Summer-ON.

Lately, the temperature highs in L.A. have been in the bearable mid-80’s. I’m definitely not looking forward to those sweltering, 100+ degree days that we will surely have next month but I do like the thought of Autumn being right around the corner.

In the meantime, stay cool.