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Let me begin this post by saying that I am one lucky girl.

About a week ago I won VIP tickets for the True Blood Ultimate Fan Experience in Burbank. With True Blood’s season 3 premier just days away, HBO has been promoting the show with minisodes, teaser trailers and events like this one. There’s even a twitter hashtag (#WaitingSucks) being used by “trubies” all over the world who have been waiting impatiently for the new season to start.

Photo by: HBO staff

The night of the event we only waited in line for a few minutes before my bestie and I were scurrying into the theater. We checked-in to get our VIP wrist bands, then received complimentary soda & popcorn – now that’s what I call service.  We were led to a red carpet area where HBO was photographing guests before entering the screening room. Once we took our seats, we were treated to a bunch of exclusive interviews, clips and sneak peeks of new characters. We also got to watch the season 2 finalé.

The Q&A panel at the end of the night was a real treat. Creator, Allan Ball, and the rest of the cast answered questions and tweets from trubies across all 50 states, LIVE!  Here’s a short video clip of one of my favorite Q&A moments from last night. The host was asking about the nature of Sookie’s attraction to Vampire Eric. Excuse the amazingly bad video quality:

As we left the screening room, there was another surprise waiting for us; goodie bags loaded with bottles of TruBlood, the TB soundtrack, the original books by Charlaine Harris, posters and lots of great print material. SCORE.

Photo by: Agent D

HBO really took care of us and I can’t thank them enough for putting on such a great event. Oh, and click here to watch the Season 3 extended trailer, which was revealed at the event. Season 3 promises to be full of  screams, surprises, sex and scandal – just the way we like it.

Planning a True Blood season premier party of your own? Aside from stocking-up on bottles of TruBlood for your guests, you can print-out this FREE pdf containing special “Hello my name is”  badges for the fangbanger, vamp or shapeshifter at your party.

Season 3 begins on Sunday, June 13th!