Photo courtesy of: Pottery Barn

This week’s decor craving is “The Edison”.  Appropriately named, this chandelier was inspired by the beauty of 19th century industrial light fixtures. I never thought a chandelier would cause me such inner-conflict, though. The wannabe interior decorator in me swoons at the sight of it, while the urban hippie in me can’t help but point out the energy inefficiency of it all.

Photo courtesy of: Pottery Barn

There’s just something magical about bare, un-frosted bulbs, allowed to illuminate the room the way they did back when Thomas Edison perfected his invention. Leave it to me to romanticize something as mundane as a lightbulb.

Pictured: Thomas Edison's first lightbulb

Back to the topic of chandeliers, I heard a funny expression at a bar recently. Two guys were dishing about some girl’s level of intelligence when one of them says, “Let’s just say, she wasn’t the brightest candle on the chandelier…”

I didn’t know whether to be offended for the girl or laugh and steal his line for later use.

I obviously chose the latter.