I’ve been brewing up a bit of tasty trouble in the kitchen lately so I thought I would share these tidbits with my fellow kitchen dwellers:

Photo courtesy of: Amazon

  • I love TJ’s Cookbook – When I saw this, only one word came to mind , “FINALLY!”  150 recipes of pure, TJ’s deliciousness.
  • The Evil Mad Scientist lab – Showing us how to kick a** and take names in the spice organization department. Sis, I’m looking at you.

Photo courtesy of: Ilona Drew

  • Recipe Look – Tired of those boring old recipes that are all text and no fun? The diagram above is one of many illustrated recipes that show you how-to. Tempted to frame a few of these and hang them in the kitchen.
  • Top 5 apps for foodies –  Not much of a cook? These apps will either help you acquire kitchen skills or, at the very least, show you where you get some bomb take-out.

I just said, “bomb”.  How 1998 of me.

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