I saw this video posted over at Haute Macabre (one of my favorite fashion blogs) and felt inspired. I’ve always wanted a room that is completely black & white and this music vid has further inspired me to make it happen. Did you see the black fainting couch? HOT. If you don’t give a ratt’s about decor, the music and fashion are 2 more good reasons to watch this video.

As for this B&W dream room, I think these derby and top hat pendant lights would fit in quite nicely.

Photo by: Jake Phipps / Available at: Rocket St George

Been eyeing this beast for a while. The white phonograph that is actually an iPod dock. So shiny. So…UNF!

Photo courtesy of: Design Watcher

Lastly, this KidRobot skull would be right at home in there, too. Yes, it’s a vinyl “toy”. Yes it’s priced at a ridiculous $200. YES, it’s making me a little weak in the knees.

Photo by: KidRobot / Available at KidRobot.com

OK, that’s enough craving for now. Until next time…