Yelp party review time! I didn’t take as many pics as I had planned due to the sensory overload / distractions. I started off with a hornitos margarita and a veggie spring roll. My boyfriend promptly located the swag booth so we rushed over, in true scavenger form, and gathered some Yelp branded goodies.

With totes in hand, it was time to do some exploring. We walked by the miracle berry booth which was a cool surprise because I’ve been DYING to try them. When eaten, this berry changes your sense of taste for 15-20 min, turning normally tart foods into sweets. I bit into a lemon wedge and it tasted like it was dipped in sugar. A chocolate truffle went from normal to having a spicy kick. These things cost $2 per berry, so I snagged a couple of extra to use the seeds for planting. I want to be a miracle berry drug dealer – shhhh don’t tell anybody.

Next order of business, the Buttermilk truck. We tried the red velvet choc. chip pancakes and (their newest addition) ube pancakes. Surprisingly, the Ube flavor blew red velvet out of the water. They’re purple and supa delicious! Don’t get me wrong, both were good, but Ube was the clear winner.

They had a DJ spinning, all sorts aerial performers putting on shows throughout the night and they had girls dressed like peterpan flight attendants serving up food from a cart. The only bummer was that we waited in line for the flying pig truck but they ran out of food just before it was our turn to order. Smelled so good!

All in all it was a great event. I could have done without the snooty Yelp Elite comments we heard while waiting in line. They were acting soooo above it all, I was a bit grossed out by it. This party was mainly for the every day, common yelper, like myself, so in reality, THEY were crashing our party. :P

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