Downtown L.A., land of beautiful high-rise architecture hidden behind a veil of tacky signs, imitation Gucci bags and homeless crazies. At least that’s how it has been perceived for a really long time. My heart aches when I see photos (like the one above) showing us what downtown used to be. The “ding ding” of red trolleys and gentlemen tipping their hats at women as they walked by the department stores and theaters that used to line these streets. That’s the downtown I wish I knew.

During the last few years, a majority of downtown has been undergoing an extensive make-over. Old abandoned factories are giving way to expensive lofts and some of the sketchy parts are being invaded by the struggling, artsy-fartsy community. There’s even talk of bringing back the trolleys! Slowly but surely, downtown is reverting back to a gleaming metropolis, or at least a modern imitation of one.

One of the resurrected relics is Angel’s flight. Earlier this month they re-opened it after being shut down for what seemed like ages. The rail line was designed to connect downtown L.A. with the residential community on Bunker Hill which was once lined with Victorian style homes. Sadly, the city’s idea of “progress” demolished those homes in the 1960’s but Angel’s flight remains. For 25 cents (each way) you can ride the shortest railway in the world and experience a  little bit of Los Angeles history. I seriously can’t wait to go check it out – I’ve got my quarters ready.

Photo by: Veronica

Coincidentally, I will be visiting downtown tonight for my very first Yelp party! Very excited about that, especially because the elusive unicorn is going to be in attendance (OMG).

Oh yeah baby. It’s ON. Pics and details soon…