I bring you a list of m’ latest and greatest cravings.

Photo by: anthonyburrill.com

  • Art: I love these quirky and bold prints by Anthony Burril. He also makes one that says “Work hard & be nice to people” – Words to live by.
  • Music: Our lady Gagalupe graces us with her unmistakable brand of magic. Today she released her sexay video – Telephone! This one picks up where her paparazzi video left off. And yes, that’s thee pussy wagon from Kill Bill!
  • Shoes: I kinda have a little crush on these and these . I love androgynous shoes because they remind me of fashion spreads from Sassy magazine, circa 1989. I’m still waiting for creepers to make a come-back.
  • Belleza: Beauty secret Q&A  from my favorite blue-haired fashionista, Zoetica.